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Local land charges

We carry out local land searches which are part of the property conveyancing process. It allows prospective purchasers of property and mortgage lenders to find out information that we hold about a property.

The LLC1 search informs prospective purchasers of restrictions on the use of the property, such as tree preservation orders, enforcement notices, planning permissions and financial charges.

The enquiry forms CON29 and CON29(O) provide information including local plans, adoption of roads and roads schemes etc.

Personal searches

For a personal search you are given a reply via email. 

The information given by us for a personal search consists of a search of the Local Land Charges Register only. Replies to the CON29 enquiries are not provided by the Local Land Charges office as part of the personal search process. However, separate questions may be asked of individual departments as required. 

The City and County of Swansea currently operates in accordance with the document "Personal Searches: Guidance for Local Authorities and Personal Searchers (2005)". 

CON29 arrangements

For further information regarding CON29 please contact the Local Land Charges office

Where information does not form part of a statutory register, public document or record, we are working towards making more of that information available (at a cost) as soon as it is practical to do so, in accordance with the document "Personal Searches of the Local Land Charges Register and other records held by Local Authorities (2008)".

We await any resultant guidance or policy decisions that may arise from the Government Consultation document on access to information. We also await the outcomes of the work currently being undertaken into the three Office of Fair Trading (OFT) options for a charging regime for access to and/or the provision of information that is currently being undertaken on behalf of Central Government in response to the December 2006 OFT report into the Property Searches Market.


Following HMRCs recent decision that CON29 and CON29O products submitted to the Local Authority are considered to be subject to VAT at the standard rate of 20% effective from 28th March we will be increasing our fees for the CON29 and CON29O products by 20%. The statutory LLC1 Official Certificate of search is unaffected by this change.  

A summary of the fees can be found below.  For more detailed list of fees contact the Local Land Charges office

Search fees

Type of search or enquiry

Fees (inc. VAT)

Search and enquiries (LLC1 and CON29)

Residential £120.00
Commercial £159.60

LLC1 Search only 

LLC1 Additional parcel of land



CON29O Q4 to Q20 **


CON29O Q21 to Q22 **


Additional parcel of land for CON29


Personal search


CON29 only

Residential £114.00
Commercial £153.60

 ** When submitting separately (ie without CON29) please add an admin fee of £12.00 plus VAT (£14.40)

Payment should be made by BACS upon receipt of our monthly invoice. Please ensure that our invoice number is stated when the payment is made in order that our finance department can reconcile the payments.  

Our bank details are:
Sort code: 30-00-00
Lloyds Bank 
Account number: 00283290

Quote budget ref:  01 251 25027 800001 00000 000000

Local land charges FAQs

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